thE following are my collected interneT addresses of my mostly used Bitcoin services.
Bitcoin (BTC) is a cryptocurrency and worldwide payment system.[9]:3 
It is the first decentralized digital currency, as the system works without a central bank or single administrator.

Be your own bank, with BitcoiN!

Do not mistake Bitcoin (BTC) for Bitcoin Cash (BCH or BCC) both are different of each other!

Bitcoin - Open source P2P money
Bitcoin is an innovative payment network and a new kind of money. Find all you need to know and get started with Bitcoin on

Online by myself trusted free and paid Bitcoin, Ether, and Bitcoin Cash wallet called Blockchain, can also being used as app on Android smartphone.
Notice on 17-07-2018 21:22 PM CEST+0200: This website switches after some time from domain name and wants a small amount of Bitcoin money from the user when switching there account to the other domain (calculated by the total of Bitcoin money on your account), i any case the first time when i did had Bitcoin money on my account, the second time i didn't had Bitcoin money on my account so i don't know. If you have a lot of Bitcoin money on your account it can cost you a lot of Bitcoin money) I think it's worth of it, great services.
Current of 17-07-2018: (before:

free by myself trusted standalone Bitcoin wallet app for the Android smartphone called Mycelium 
to store your Bitcoins physically on your Android smartphone, with backup option, too much options to describe here for sure!

Online by myself trusted free realtime USD/Euro to Bitcoin, or Bitcoin to USD/Euro converter called Preev.

Online by myself trusted Dutch paid Euro to Bitcoin, or Bitcoin to Euro exchange called Bitonic.

Online by myself trusted realtime free Bitcoin exchange ticker called Bitcoin Ticker.

Online by myself trusted Bitcoin Trade platform called Kraken.

Make free paper wallets to keep your Bitcoin addresses safe, or give your Bitcoins by paper to someone else with Bitcoin Paper Wallet.

If you need some information about Bitcoins go to the website on the following Internet address:

Bitcoin Mining Software
If you do not have Bitcoins and you do not have money to buy Bitcoins you can use a free Bitcoin Mining software for mining Bitcoins yourself with your own desktop computer and or laptop computer while the processor of the computer is "idle" so when you do not use the computer for other things.

probablY enough Bitcoin services for your needs.
usE all the above services at your own risks!

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