Bitfi (hardware wallet)

Bitfi.2 Hardware Wallet


World’s only wallet that surpasses the security and user friendliness of cold storage systems and considered by many to be one of the greatest innovations in blockchain. Bitfi is a completely new technology that calculates private keys at time of transaction from your custom phrase. The result is a wallet system with no permanent storage (no permanently stored private keys) making this wallet impossible to seize, confiscate, steal, or lose. This elegant approach to security surpasses multi-million dollar cold storage systems by adhering to a simple truth – it is (and always will be) impossible to steal data that does not exist.

The New Paradigm in Crypto Security
Bitfi.2 is the world's only technical leap that surpasses the security of cold storage. All hardware wallets are simply variants of the same thing, but in Bitfi.2 you will find something very different...