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 notioN: The following programs are not for an Windows or Mac-OSX operating system, it's for a website server like the free 
 Apache HTTPd, running the free PHP script language and the free MySQL databases. For operating systems like Linux,   Windows, and   Mac-OSX you can download the free XAMPP application and put the downloaded unpacked files in the   "htdocs" folder and load it in an   regular web browser on the address http://localhost or 
                 (I will make a tutorial howto install, setup, and use very soon!)

draPsofT ™ - HigheR oR LoweR
A little game in decide if the following falling number is higher or lower of the last fallen number, i.e. the last fallen number between 1 and 10 is the number 3, and will be the next falling number higher or lower then 3 and if you choose lower and it will be 6 so higher you lose, otherwise you win that part of the game, because the other part of the game is to win the games from the computer with a total of x between the 50% and 75% then you unlock the next grades of this little game (5 in total)... 
So good luck, you'll need it :-)

You can see a demo of this game click here.

release datE:
languagE: English
package formaT: exe
 4,503 KB this Windows executable is discontinued, so not available.
xxHash64 HASH: 75C2B7724FD42876
copyrighT attributioN: ZeNNeC for
release datE: 21-07-2013
languagE: English
copyrighT attributioN: ZeNNeC for

package formaT: zip sizE: 100 KB download 
xxHash64 HASH: 77C2ED426048751C

package formaT: tar.gz sizE: 92 KB download
xxHash64 HASH: 5532533027CDA6BB

draPsofT ™ - zPilot - HTTP Server Side Web Browser
Simple based but good working HTTP server side web browser in PHP5 for testing. 
Of course it has no browser add-on support as a normal browser, like  Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, Oracle Java, and Microsoft Silverlight.
It has an in build http header viewer, hyperlinks and image counter what exist on the browsed page, and an option for correction of broken image links of the viewing website page by hotlinking the images. This script is also known as a proxy script.

This one is not updated for a while, so i don't know if it still working.
versioN: Beta
platforM: PHP5, and optional MySQL5
release datE: 23-07-2013
languagE: English and Dutch
copyrighT attributioN: ZeNNeC for

package formaT: zip sizE: 787 Kdownload 
xxHash64 HASH: 0844A5200C755D68

package formaT: tar.gz sizE: 710 Kdownload 
xxHash64 HASH: B907BA639DBAA510


DEXO - Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)
provided by 
draPsofT ™

Just a beginning of an 18 years old plan of me which needed me first to learn a web based programming language called PHP and MySQL in a time span of 10 years to create a simple based artificial intelligence with an inbuilt real time human biorhythm

At starting the Dexo A.I. needs first to be fed with 
words and sentences like less than 10.000 text additions before the Dexo A.I. will give back the wished results of a serious personal artificial intelligence in text on your screen of your web browser as if your chatting to a real human on the Internet.

This program must be loaded as a web application on a PHP and MySQL web server, so this is not a standalone Windows program, but can only be used on a web server (like the free XAMPP web server for Windows), or any other PHP & MySQL web host on the Internet. Please, also read the included readme.txt file for more information and how to operate.

Thanks goes to:  Iztok Strzinar the developer of the integrated PHP Class BioR biorhythm 1.0.0 Innovation Award: PHP Programming Innovation award nominee September 2004 Number 7

I'm aware of the fact nobody is gonna waste his and or her time at this A.I. to put words and sentences at an minimum of 10.000 additions.
That wont be taken away the fact it's working.

versioN: M.T.B. Alfa optimized
platforM: Apache 2.4.33, PHP7.2.6, MySQLi 5.0.12-dev
compatible witH: XAMPP Version: 7.2.6
creation datE: 13-06-2013
first release datE: 24-07-2013
last update datE: 13-06-2018  23:31:00 GMT+1
language UI: English, and Dutch, (To-do: French and German).
copyrighT attributioN: ZeNNeC for

package formaT: zip sizE: 1,788 KB download 
xxHash64 HASH: 02B4AFC3DFEA8929

package formaT: tar.gz sizE: 1,575 KB download 
xxHash64 HASH: 887B47AAB4C50226

More information about Dexo A.I. at our dedicated sub page: Dexo - Artificial Intelligence.

Also a A.I. recommendation:
I can also recommend the Artificial Intelligence version of Elizabeth Perreau and Dave Morton called Program O AI Chatbot - The Friendly Open Source PHP, MySQL, AIML Chatbot. on the address 

And more information about the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language (AIML) from the developed by Dr. Richard S. Wallace he is an American author of AIML and Botmaster of A.L.I.C.E. (Artificial Linguistic Internet Computer Entity).[1] He is also the founder of the A.L.I.C.E Artificial Intelligence Foundation at the following address: 



draPsoft ™ - PHP webbased SHA1 files integrity scanner (SHA1-FIS)

Did you had a website on the World Wide Web at a hosting company and at a certain moment you received an e-mail from them with the subject

"Your webhost account has been temporarily suspended!"

because of some malicious code on it, posted by h4x0r5?

So do I, so i created a script to check which files have been tampered by those idiots.

This file integrity scanner allows you to check the properties of your web files that have been completed with a previously created SHA1 hash database file.

For more information about file integrity monitoring at Wikipedia click here.

This application is still under development and will also be integrated into 

our future draPsofT ™ PHP applications

This application is coming very soon!

Adition at 21-04-2019

I'm back busy with code again and this application looks very promising.

Preview version download following shortly...

versioN: H.V.O.Q. Alfa preview
platforM: Apache 2.4.33, PHP7.2.6
compatible witH: XAMPP Version: 7.2.6
creation datE: 25-09-2018 
first release datE: 00-00-2018 00:00:00 GMT+0200 CEST
last update datE: 00-00-2018  00:00:00 GMT+0200 CEST
language UI: English
copyrighT attributioN: ZeNNeC for

package formaT: zip sizE: 0,000 KB download 
xxHash64 HASH: N/A

package formaT: tar.gz sizE: 0,000 KB download 
xxHash64 HASH: N/A

The above mentioned draPsofT  software is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
Based on works at the website

For clearing rights send me a message at the contact page:

We make use of the File Integrity Verifier tool QuickHash GUI v3.0.2
QuickHash GUI is an open-source Linux, Windows, and Apple Mac OSX graphical interface that enables easy and rapid data hashing of data : text, text files line by line, binary files, file comparisons, folder comparisons, disks and drive volumes (as administrator), Base64 data, as well as allowing files in one folder to be copied to another with data hashing conducted at either side for comparisons and data integrity. It was originally designed for Linux, but is also available for Windows and Apple Mac OSX. and MD5, SHA1, SHA256, SHA512 and xxHash hash algorithms are available.

It's recommended that you verify the above downloaded files with the tool QuickHash GUI.