draPsofT ™
PHP web based SHA1 files integrity scanner (SHA1-FIS)
Your essential tool as webmaster

Tested with specifications: Windows 10 Home 64 bits, Laptop I3, 2.00GHz,. 8 Gigabyte RAM.

Did you had a website on the World Wide Web at a hosting company and at a certain moment you received 
an e-mail from them with the subject

"Your webhost account has been temporarily suspended!"

because of some malicious code on it, posted by h4x0r5?

So do I, so i created a PHP script to check which files have been tampered by those idiots.

This file integrity scanner allows you to check the properties of your web files that have been completed with a previously created SHA1 hash database file.

For more information about file integrity monitoring at Wikipedia click here.

This application is still under development and will also be integrated into 

our future draPsofT ™ PHP applications

The following is an example (screen dump) of the user interface of SHA1-FIS application.

The following is an example (screen dump) of the email send by SHA1-FIS application with a cronjob task when integrity is broken.

To-do list:

Exclude file extensions from scan, exclude directory's from scan.

Scanner only version or something alike.

Configuration by user interface.

Add basic HTTP authentication.

Already realized options:

Embedded user interface images, sound, and alarm.

E-mail notification with broken integrity scan at cronjob task.

Application self integrity check, database file integrity check.

Application user interface sound volume control.

Known problems:
On http://epizy.com free and paid web hosting this script has some problems with PHP Version 7.3.6
Not sure it's the application or the bad configuration of PHP on hosting server.

Version: H.V.O.Q. Alfa preview
Platform: Apache 2.4.43, PHP7.4.5
Compatible with: XAMPP Version: 7.2.6
Creation date: 25-09-2018 
First release date: 29-08-2019 17:19:00 +0200 CEST
Last update date: 09-09-2022  09:41:00 +0200 CEST
Language UI: English
Copyright attribution: ZeNNeC for www.drapsoft.com
xxHash64: B8223AC87C02540A
File format: php Size: 144 KB download  

The above mentioned draPsofT  software is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
Based on works at the website drapsoft.com

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