.: Apache HTTPd, PHP and MySQL website application programming :.
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Tested with specifications: Windows 7 Professional 32 bits, SP1, 4 Gigabyte RAM.
Tested with specifications: Windows 10 Home 64 bits, 2.00GHz. 8 Gigabyte RAM.

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Apache HTTPd, PHP and MySQL web application programming
Apache HTTP website server.Freeware
MySQLMySQL language databases server.Freeware
PHPPHP web application programming language interpreter.  Freeware
hardened-php.netPHP security add-onFreeware
phpMyAdmin   Web based MySQL databases client in PHP.Freeware
XAMPPComplete pre installed Web server software with HTTPd, Databases, Email and FTP file server and Tomcat. Freeware
Sandboxie  Sand-boxing a running application process in quarantine, i.e. programming and anti-malware protection of the computer system.Free/Paid
ExeOutput for PHPA nice PHP with MySQL to EXE compiler to make your own Microsoft Windows OS executables.Free/Paid
Paquet BuilderA nice add-on to build a package for programs compiled with ExeOutput for PHP.
Axialis Icon WorkshopGraphical icon editor for in example favicon.ico file for in the website root folder.Paid
Visual Color PickerColor Puppet for in example to choose the uni color of the website layout.Freeware
PixiePixie is a color puppet for in example to choose the uni color of the website layout.Freeware
EditPlusNon-WYSIWYG text editor for the real Pros.  Paid
Notepad++  Non-WYSIWYG text editor for freeFreeware
Sublime TextNon-WYSIWYG text editorFree/Paid
Lorem IpsumLorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry's standard dummy text ever since the 1500s.Free
Filezilla  FTP and SFTP file server client.  Freeware
WinSCP with Putty  Telnet, ssh and sftp file server client.Freeware
PeaZip  Multi file compression packager-achiever.  Freeware
TrayIt!Puts apps minimized in systemtray, very handy for Microsoft Windows command (CMD) prompt windowed apps.Freeware
Code Any WhereCross platform Cloud IDE, Codeanywhere is a collaboration platform for developers. Enabling them to share their files, folders or entire development environments to collaborate together in realtime. Think of it as Google Docs for developers. I did had the change to test this platform for more then one year.

Very recommended!
Free online rich HTML META Tag Generator And Calculator.
If you wanna be on the 
the biggest Chinese Internet Search Engine like called "Baidu" you really need this for sure, they contain 80% of the Internet Search Engine market. Read more information about it on the following website page:
I know for sure because i have experience with my own development of draPsofT ™ Content Management System (CMS) witch also had included the above mentioned HTML META Tags from the site CSGNetwork, with some other by myself added HTML META Tags witch i did found on the Internet in my journey of year's 
to complete and compete.
ZeroSSL.comFree SSL Certificates and Free SSL Tools for your website. yes we can get it for free recommended!Free
Do-Know.comDomain Knowledge - bespoke software development and consulting
This website has a page for Internet browser privacy test witch i like very much, so
very recommended!
Nolo.comLegal encyclopedia - When do you need a © Copyright notice on websites (and where do you place it)?Free/Paid
hashphp.orgThis website is for using the programming language PHP (for the more advanced PHP programmers),
What should I know about building a website?


Google classic site (info)
adding a .gif file animationInstructions for adding a .gif animation to a Google classic site.
Thanks to the author Phillip Ulinski 4/7/15


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