draPsofT ™ - zPilot - HTTP Server Side Web Browser

Simple based but good working HTTP server side web browser in PHP5 for testing. 
Of course it has no browser add-on support as a normal browser, like  Adobe Flash, Adobe Shockwave, Oracle Java, and Microsoft Silverlight.
It has an in build http header viewer, hyperlinks and image counter what exist on the browsed page, and an option for correction of broken image links of the viewing website page by hotlinking the images. This script is also known as a proxy script.

This one is not updated for a while, so i don't know if it still working.

Version: Beta
Platform: PHP5, and optional MySQL5
Release date: 23-07-2013
Language: English and Dutch
Copyright attribution: ZeNNeC for www.drapsoft.com

Package format: zip Size: 787 Kdownload 
xxHash64 HASH: 0844A5200C755D68

Package format: tar.gz Size: 710 Kdownload 
xxHash64 HASH: B907BA639DBAA510

The above mentioned draPsofT  software is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License
Based on works at the website drapsoft.com

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